If I remember correctly, the United Methodist theologian A. Roy Eckardt (1918-1998), late in his career, reaffirmed the historicity of the Resurrection of Jesus, after having denied it in earlier writings (within the context of post-Shoah  Christian theology).

This is from his For Righteousness’ Sake (1987), p. 310:

If it is so that God is on the side of the poor against the rich, and of Jews against their persecutors, what may we say concerning a conflict between the Sadducees and the Pharisees? We are given to understand that the Sadducees insisted that there is no resurrection (e.g., Matt. 22:23) – contra Pharisee teaching. To introduce a light note (and perhaps therefore an especially serious one):  We are advised that the One who sits in the heavens is not above laughing certain parties to scorn (Ps. 2:4). What would be a better joke on those reactionary Sadducees than for God to raise her own Pharisee-liberal Son from the dead! She would be having a go at one of her dearest truths, and would also be giving at least a few of her people a foretaste of the things that are to come. Maybe best of all, she would be reminding the Sadducees exactly what she thought of them, meanwhile assuring her good friends the Pharisees that she was on their side . . .