Dear Readers,

I’m trying out WordPress again. Please let me know if you see ads here and if so, what kind. Thanks. I posted this at the Blogger version of this site yesterday.


It’s been over a year since I have posted here. How can I best describe the past year . . . being present to and for my kids was the best part of 2014. The worst part was the stream of job applications, to which I received either a negative respone or (in the majority of cases) no response at all. It is nearly five years now since I held a full-time job. The acid of steady rejection etches even a self-confidence fashioned from solid granite.

What does granite become when it decomposes? Clay. Interesting, isn’t it, that something so impermeable can become something so malleable?

When I worked in the UK, I remember someone (I think it was the chaplain to the then-Archbishop of Canterbury) who told me something very wise. He said, “In my experience, silent prayer is the solvent that dissolves the hardness of our heart.”