I’m delighted to be able to let you know about two teaching opportunities I have received in the past three weeks. Just before Easter I was asked to teach a course in the Doctor of Ministry program at St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary in New York. I am putting together a course entitled “Liturgical Life and Pastoral Ministry,” which will be an extended exercise in liturgical theology. Here’s the course description:

Contemporary Orthodox thought often emphasizes the importance of the Church’s liturgical life for theology, Christian formation, and mission. What does the Church’s liturgical life have to do as well with how we understand and practice pastoral ministry? In this course we will explore the possible meanings of the phrase lex orandi-lex agendi: what and how the Church prays has something to do with what the Church does, particularly in pastoral ministry. Exploring pastoral ministry through the lens of the Church’s liturgical life (in the celebration of the Divine Liturgy and other sacraments, as well as in other liturgical celebrations) will allow us to reflect critically and constructively on both pastoral practice and liturgical life in the Church today. Course participants will have the opportunity to engage a range of sources (liturgical, patristic, theological, contemporary) as they articulate and reflect critically and constructively on their own pastoral ministry.

The majority of the course will be conducted online, with a one-week intensive on the campus of St. Vladimir’s in July. I’m greatly looking forward to the opportunity to work with Orthodox practitioners of ministry (ordained and lay) on matters of liturgy, theology, and the practice of ministry.

Second, this fall I will be offering a 10-week course on Art and Spirituality at the University of the Arts Helsinki. The lectures I gave there last week (really more seminars than pure lectures, as there was a lot of excellent discussion each day) prompted the request to give a more extensive course on the subject. It’s a very exciting opportunity to teach about spirituality and art in the context of the gifted, diverse community of artists there. I do not know yet the precise day of the week, or the time; the schedule should be worked out by the end of this week.