If you care about Orthodox theology, you should be following the news coming out of the Synod on the Family called by Pope Francis. Yesterday the second round of language group reports was released. See here for an English translation of the report from the German-language group. It was flagged yesterday as being an especially important report for its reflections on justice, mercy, pastoral care, and the development of doctrine in the church. I was a little surprised that there was no reference to Orthodox views on the practice of oikonomia, or Orthodox practices regarding second (or sometimes even third) marriages; Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, moderator of the group, is an expert on Orthodox Christianity in general, and on Orthodox theology in particular. Perhaps the group felt it more important to buttress its arguments from the Latin tradition (ranging from St. Thomas Aquinas to St. John Paul II). Perhaps our own lack of consensus on the practice of oikonomia was a factor in the group’s silence about it. Who knows? In any event, take a look. This is a report that provides a very different perspective from some that have made the news in the past few days.